this is 50.

Art started as a way to connect with my inner child.

In my 40’s, I was still “faking it until I make it,” which is a horrible plan for any age, but at 40, I was starting to wonder – when will I make it? What’s that going to feel like? Will I finally be happy & content? My rush to “grow up” left me abandoning dreams, laughter, spontaneity, curiosity, and just about everything that was worth doing. In her place was a fast-paced, OCD, Type-A personality that was ticking off one checkbox after another after another, without an end in sight.

Then, I quit my high-status, high-stress job, without a clue on what I was going to do next. Then struggled through the process of finding myself. I went from one retreat to the next adventure until, I went full circle and started doing all the things I didn’t get a chance to do during my childhood: skateboarding, sleepovers with girlfriends, music jams with friends, hiking in the woods, skipping in the rain, reading books for enjoyment, drawing and painting.

When I started painting, the voice in my head said, “the average age of new artists is something like 10. You’re too old to start something new.” I didn’t care. I painted anyway. When I was a young child, we didn’t have the means to buy stickers or coloring books. I made my own -scribbling crazy lines on a page and then coloring in the little spaces with different colors. For stickers, I’d cut out little colorful scribbles, roll some tape around my finger – stick a colored cut onto it and VOILA. A sticker. It wasn’t much, but it satiated my creative drive and my desire for COLOR. Now, 50 years old, I’m looking at the artwork that I’m releasing now, it’s full of lines and colors – just like the old days! Funny how things come fill circle. It’s like I’m making all the things I wished I had, back then. I can’t go back in time, but I can give myself THIS, NOW. Thank you, little me, for being so creative and making something out of a box of crayons and a piece of paper. That little girl knew how to create JOY!

My art reflects my new life, surrounded by nature, curiosity, laughter, love, spirituality – anything that makes my heart light up. This heals me, I hope it heals you too.

Thank you for supporting my art,

Daisy Nguyen


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