original artworks painted from my studio in Santa Cruz, CA


coloring pages

fun, lines from my artworks! handmade, printed & cut from my studio in Santa Cruz, CA. Printed on different papers for crayons/pencils, markers, and watercolors, so you can choose your medium!

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As I embarked on the spiritual journey of becoming myself (aka midlife crisis aka spiritual awakening) in my late 40’s, I began by healing the broken bits of me. Painting began as a way to connect to my inner child, my joy, my creativity – that I thought I had lost. It quickly became a life changing practice. My paintbrush began painting a new life. What started as “coloring and fun,” became meditative & healing – I was changing, evolving, learning & growing – just like a child does! I found myself drawn to certain themes – animals, plants, nature, love and all that is spiritual. I have secretly dreamt this life, but never thought it would actually be possible. Why not me, and why not now? Now I’m 50, and feeling… irrelevant, scared, crazy. Can you believe I left my corporate job for this? I talk myself off the ledge every day – 50 is just a number, I tell myself. So, here I am. It has been a shaky, scary path, with no certainty. The only thing I am sure of: my paintbrush heals me. I hope it heals you too. Thank you for supporting my work. I am so grateful for you.

With much love,

Daisy Nguyễn