Solar Plexus Chakra Stickers


Solar Plexus Chakra stickers – Available in 3 sizes, 4 different body/hair, 4 different affirmations

3 inch stickers are $3.00 each.

2.5 inch stickers are $2.00 each

1 inch stickers are $1.50 each

Buy 2 get

Mix & Match, Collect them All!

A.) long hair, Shine on
B.) long hair, I honor myself
C.) long hair, I am confident
D.) long hair, I am powerful

E.) short hair, Shine on
F.) short hair, I honor myself
G.) short hair, I am confident
H.) short hair, I am powerful

I.) curly hair, Shine on
J.) curly hair, I honor myself
K.) curly hair, I am confident
L.) curly hair, I am powerful

M.) hair in box braids, Shine on
N.) hair in box braids, I honor myself
O.) hair in box braids, I am confident
P.) hair in box braids, I am powerful


Diversity & inclusion matter, four different body types/hair styles.

Mix & Match, collect them all. Price includes free shipping in the USA. Buy more, save more!


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